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Image of PAP.Wells.1923.129 - untitled

PAP.Wells.1923.129 - untitled

View of a young woman turned 3/4ths to her left; her head is bowed and looking at a book on table; her hands are clasped together; she is standing next to a chair in an elaborate decorated room

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FIC.2015.076 - Tuckerman Chest

Chest with a hinged lid; originally contained the works of Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Image of PA.141 - Judah Touro

PA.141 - Judah Touro

Judah Touro (1775-1854), born in Newport 16 June 1775, was one of the two sons of Reverend Isaac Touro, first rabbi of the Touro Synagogue, and Reyna Hays. After the death of his mother and father, young Touro was reared and educated by his mother's brother, in whose counting-house he was later employed. In 1802 he settled in New Orleans where he built up a thriving trade in New England products. Later he became owner of many ships and valuable real estate, until he was numbered among the most prominent merchants. Judah and his brother, Amos, gave generously to many projects, including the Bunker Hill Monument. Another object of their generosity was their native city of Newport, where Amos ga

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FIC.2015.078 - Windsor armchair

Windsor armchair; U-shaped arm rail over turned spindles above a shaped seat on turned legs joined by turned cross stretchers.

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FIC.2015.079 - Coat Rack

Base of a coat rack; missing hangers; three-feet base

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FIC.2015.080a - Painted Vase

Red painted vase with geometric and flower patterns

Image of PAP.Green.1961.016 - Le Duc de Guyse, Roy Ameriquain.

PAP.Green.1961.016 - Le Duc de Guyse, Roy Ameriquain.

View of man, Henri II, Duke of Guise, dressed in an elaborate head piece and armour and holding a mace in his right hand, while his left hands grasp the reins of a "unicorn"; the beast has a serpentine mane and tail and is adorned with a a serpentine and dragon coat; this scene was during his time as the Grand Chambellan de France, when he played the "ROY AMERIQUAIN" in the grand equestrian carrousel in June 1662; print is hand colored with watercolor paint

Image of PAP.Green.1961.024 - Site général en vue prise à vol d'oiseau de l'antique ville d'Agrigentum en Sicile

PAP.Green.1961.024 - Site général en vue prise à vol d'oiseau de l'antique ville d'Agrigentum en Sicile

Map of the ancient city of Agrigento (Agrigentum) in Sicily, Italy; bird's eye view; multiple inscriptions are throughout print, including a key; it includes a city, multiple important sites (i.e. temples, neapolis...), and major geographical features like the Mediterranean Sea and several rivers; relief shown by hachures

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FIC.2014.013.8 - Eugenius IV (Gabriele Condulmer), Pope, 1431-?

Eugenius IV (Gabriele Condulmer), Pope, 1431-38; b. 1383, d. 1447 Obv. Bust of Pope, l., "Eugenius IIII Pont. Max" Rev. Hand from clouds holds scales, "Redde Cuique Suum." Bronze, 42 mm

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FIC.2014.013.17 - Leo X (John de Medici, Son of Lorenzo), Pope, 1513-21

Leo X (John de Medici, Son of Lorenzo), Pope, 1513-21; b. 1475, d. 1521 Obv. Bust of Pope, r., "Leo X Pontifex Max" Rev. Medici coat of arms superimposed on Papal heraldry, "Gloria et Honore Coronasti Eum Roma." Bronze, 40 mm

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FIC.2015.080b - Painted Vase Lid

Lid of the red painted vase with geometric and flower patterns

Image of FUR.002 - Governor Arnold Chair

FUR.002 - Governor Arnold Chair

Wood chair with arms used by Governor Benedict Arnold; there are two letters pasted to the seat and bottom of the chair and a metal plaque from the Redwood Library

Image of FUR.009 - Windsor armchair

FUR.009 - Windsor armchair

Windsor armchair, raised crest rail, bent arm down to seat, 9 round turned spindles, 2 round turned front legs and 2 plain round turned rear legs, box stretcher, 2 round turned front stretcher, plain rear and side stretchers. Conventional stretchers (i.e. not cross stretchers); continuous arm. (John E. Janes, 1970)

Image of FUR.011 - Windsor armchair (comb back)

FUR.011 - Windsor armchair (comb back)

A Windsor comb-back armchair, with scrolled crest above turned spindles over a U-shaped arm above a shaped seat, on four turned legs joined by a swelled H-stretcher. Height: 42 1/2 inches. (Ralph E. Carpenter, 1991.) (This description is inaccurate; comb back chair has cross stretcher.) Antique American tall comb back windsor armchair matching the above set of chairs, having six turned sticks to comb, original condition with original green paint, 43 tall, Newport, R.I. origin, circa 1775. (Simon Nager, 1979) Early American comb back Windsor armchair with carved crest rail, having six round turned spindles, lower section arched crest rail, scroll shaped arms having 12 roun

Image of FUR.012a - Windsor armchair

FUR.012a - Windsor armchair

FUR.012a is similar to the other four Windsor chairs marked as part of this set (X stretchers, saddle seat, low back with 14 spindles, crest rail), but FUR.012a is higher than the others (corresponding to the dimensions given for the chair with the oldf number #012.1 in the General Condition notes of this record) and has tapered feet, as opposed to the blunt arrow footing of chairs FUR.012b-e. Of the five chairs marked FUR.012a-e, three are black with slight hints of green and two are dark green. FUR.012a chair is black with hints of green. It is possible that the color has darkened over time or that the chair was repainted at some point. Areas around some paint chips indicate a layer of

Image of RI.047 - (Redwood Library, 1895)

RI.047 - (Redwood Library, 1895)

West view of Redwood Library; includes wheel on steps with first wing additions (1750?); includes road going up to the steps with a fence; blue paint on white ceramic tile; in lower right hand corner painted 1895

Image of RI.048 - untitled

RI.048 - untitled

Light blue fabric square pillow with a white decorative fringe/trim; depicts in black printed ink (top to bottom, left to right): Newport Naval War College, Ochre Court, Redwood Library, Newport Artillery, Castle Hill Light, Brick Market, Trinity Church Newport Ri, Old Colony House, Old Stone Mill, White Horse Tavern, Newport Casino, Touro Synagogue

Image of PA.131 - Dr. Samuel Butler

PA.131 - Dr. Samuel Butler

Portrait. Adult male subject; mid-waist length view; turned 3/4ths to his right; subject has grey hair and is wearing a white shirt, black necktie, and a black coat

Image of PA.135 - Portrait of a Gentleman

PA.135 - Portrait of a Gentleman

Possibly a portrait of Christopher Frye (1760-1851). Portrait. Adult Male Subject. Seated. Mid-waist length view. He is turned 3/4ths to his right, while he gazes to his left. His left elbow is resting on the chair, while his right hand is resting in his lap. He has brown curly hair with a beard and eyes. He is wearing a black neck tie in a bow, a white shirt, a black waistcoat, and black overcoat. There is a seascape in left background, including a lighthouse.

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FIC.2015.081a - Painted Vase

Red painted vase with geometric and flower patterns